The history of SolarMovie

SolarMovie has been created 6 years ago and it was pretty special even since the beginning. At that time there were thousands of streaming sites and every single one of them claimed that he's the best but in fact they were just spam sites with crappy content. We wanted to create something new, differerent and much better than any other site and that's how SolarMovie started. Unlike the competition, we didn't just install a free design theme but we started to create from scratches our own design, different than everyone else, good looking, modern, intuitive and it had all the qualities to become the most popular streaming site and that's exactly what happened a year or two later when millions of people found out about SolarMovie and started to visit our website every day to get access to the biggest collection of movies and series available for free without registration.

Massive database

Even if our site has been created many years ago, in this time all the files from our database have been replaced more than a few times because better quality version have been released meanwhile so you can benefit of good quality even when you are watching an old movie or show. Currently, our database includes almost 15.000 movies in HD quality with English subtitles and 2000 tv shows which contain around 50.000 episodes. This is one of the biggest databases created by a free streaming site like SolarMovie. Uploading such a big quantity of content requires a lot of time, work and resources so the majority of sites stop after just a few hundreds films. We have a big team who is permanently working on this site and thanks to them we've achieved this great collection of movies and series that you can watch without registration.

The most organized collection

As we previously said, our database is really impressive but that also requires a very well organization so you can easily find the content. We didn't want SolarMovie to be a total mess and that's why all the movies and series are strictly organized with filtres, genres, years, tags and sorted lists such as Top Rated, Most Viewed, Top IMDb, Most Favorite, Tv Mini-Series and other special pages created by us in order to better structure our collection. If you look closely you will se that we are using two separate years tags for movies and tv shows so you won't mix them by mistake when you are trying to look for a specific type of content. This required more work than usual but it seems our visitors are very happy because they can easily search exactly for the kind of productions they like. Also, you can check the list of all genres which is available in top head of our website so you can sort out the content this way. Another great source of inspiration if you are not decided what to watch are the personalized pages like Top Rated, Most Viewed that we've presented previously and you can choose something good to watch after looking at what's trending now and what other users preferred the most.

High quality and daily updates

We have focused a lot on the quality of the video files that we publish on SolarMovie. It is hard to offer a quite great quality keeping in mind the fact that we are not allowed to host movies and series on our servers and we have to take over the files from a non-affiliate third party. After months of searching and testing, we've finally found a great provider for our movies and shows and that's why today all our visitors can enjoy the best quality content on SolarMovie. We have also developed a system that allows us to publish new productions in just a few minutes after the TV broadcast or after they are officially released on the paid streaming platforms. This way we can upload on our website the latest episodes from your favorite tv shows everyday and if you want to be among the first who get access for free to the newest releases straight from Hollywood then we suggest to stay tuned to SolarMovie because this is the best place where you can watch movies and series online without registration.